In 1989 the Divide/Florissant Fire Protection District was established as two fire departments/ one covering Divide and the other covering Florissant.

In 1999, as a result of community growth the District was split to form two Districts: the Florissant Fire Protection District and Divide Fire Protection District. This created two separate fire departments, hence the Florissant Volunteer Fire Rescue (FVFR) Department was established.

1989- The Divide/Florissant District is formed; providing assistance to the residents of western Teller County (December) 

1989/90- The first Fire Truck arrives in Florissant and is located in the first fire station (old Park State Bank building)

1991- Florissant Fire and Rescue Station #1 is built on land purchased from Teller County, just west of Teller 1 on US 24

2000- Florissant and Divide separate and form individual Fire Protection districts (March)

2002- Florissant Fire opens Station #2 at the entrance to Colorado Mountain Estates (August)

2007- A new Training Center is built on the grounds of Station #1  (June)

Florissant Fire Station #3 opens in Indian Creek (October)

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