Insurance Rating Information

Florissant FPD routinely received calls from insurance companies requesting ISO or Fire Protection Class (FPC) Ratings. 

Our rating is 5/9/10 

Any building or business within 1000 feet of an established fire hydrant are rated as a 5. (currently this is in Florissant proper, Fire Station 3, and the Fossil Beds visitor center) 

  1. The current fire hydrants are located at the following locations: 
  2. Florissant ACE hardware
  3. on Costello Ave. between the Iron Tree Bakery and Twin Creek Trading Company
  4. Fire Station 1
  5. Teller CR 1 and the corner of Second Street 
  6. Front of the Florissant Library 
  7. 403 Mesa Drive 

The address for Station 3 is 3204 Trail Creek DR 

Any building outside of 1000 ft of a hydrant but within 5 road miles of any of our fire stations are a Fire Protection Class 9

Any building or home within our district outside of 5 road miles of a station is a Fire Protection Class 10 

Station addresses: 

Station 1: 2606 US HWY 24, FLorissant Co 80816

Station 2: 49N. Mountain Estates Road, Florissant Co 80816

Station 3: 3204 Trail Creek Road, Florissant CO 80827 ( Mapquest will show this address) 

What equipment does FFP have? 

Four 1000 gpm Pumpers 

(2) 500 gal tanks, (1) 750 gal tank, (1) 900 gal tank 

Two Tankers

(1) 2500 gal (1) 3000 gal

If you have any other questions please fill out form below. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 

ISO Rating and Fire Protection Class Form

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The quickest way to receive information for ISO and FPC ratings is to fill out and send this form. Generally someone will respond within 48 hours 

Florissant Fire Protection District

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